Palm Medical is prodigiously, sophisticated organisation for medico-legal work


Palm medical provides a comprehensive range of services for the medico-legal community

Expert Panel

We have a wide range of experts available that produce a high quality work.

Why Choose Palm Medical

Palm Medical is prodigiously sophisticated organisation for medico-legal community. We delivery Quality and focused solutions for solicitors

Easy Appointments

Sophiscated and quick mechanism to both identify availability and perform booking with just a click

Quality Experts

Palm Medical, has a range of quality experts nationally which can help support you and your clients

Who We Are

We are a dedicated set of professionals devoted to customer service and high standards. We produce numerous high quality and proficient medical reports by a quality panel of medical experts, clinicians.

All our services are tailored to individual needs and requirements of each client. It is our avowed aim to make every customer’s experience a rewarding and pleasant one.

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  • Monday - Friday 9.00 - 17.00